The Recovery of the Evidence

Before going far from this topic, we must know what is the recovery of the evidence in true sense?

The Evidence Recovery System (ERS) is basically designed to collect trace evidence to prove , including hairs, fibres and biological evidence, from bath or shower water in a non-invasive manner.

Evidence Recovery in general is of many types and ofcourse for many uses indeed, but the common use is to trace the experiment or the cases.

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Your Data Is Now In Safe Hands

Computers have always been a means of saving information which you can use later as a means of feedback when push comes to shove, but as much as a computer can be helpful it can be detrimental as well. Computers are hacked daily stealing the information of users from around the world, but not to worry there are certain precautions built into computers that help to stop this from happening. The second issue you might face with a computer is the breakdown and loss of data, this issue cannot be reversed easily but if given time and energy there are solutions. For example the ROM stores all you’re read only memory which is a sort of backup when your computer breaks down. With the help of a computer-software professional you can restore all your data after repairing your computer. The police use this tech to help restore data on laptops and computers that help with the case.

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