Best Way To Uncover The Digital Evidence

The article discusses computer forensics from quite a neutral perspective. Now, do you know what is the current demand for computer forensic certification? Well, if you want to pursue your career in computer forensics, then you must become a forensic specialist who can solve computer crime successfully. Besides, always keep this in mind that the highest salaried forensic jobs will be from forensic colleges that offer four-year degree course in a specialized area.

Do You Know What It Takes To Become A Computer Forensic Investigator?

So you want to become a computer forensic investigator? Well, I must say that it is a rapidly growing career in the information technology. Computer forensic investigators also known as computer forensic specialists are meant to uncover the truth that lies behind computer systems, hard drives, CD’s, electronic documents like emails and JPEG, etc. Here’s all that you need to know to become a skilled professional in conducting an effective workplace investigation in Toronto.

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Before you seek for workplace investigation Toronto? Understand some of the most common employee related issues

Our world is overloaded with people and most of them are mediocre who work in a 9 to 5 for better living. And most of them tend to hate their job, do you know why? Well, there are numerous reasons, like according to several types of research, workers work for longer hours but are paid less or are made to work at a high level of stress. One of the common reasons for being unsatisfied is the relationship between the employee and the employer.

“The Perfect Relationships aren’t ones which have a perfect understanding. They have the expertise to avoid misunderstandings.”

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Use of Computer Forensics for Investigative Purposes

It is a digital forensic science that deals with the use of evidences found in digital form in the storage devices in computers and other digital media. This field is referred to Computer Forensics or Computer Forensic Sciences. The aim of this investigative technique is to identify, preserve, recover, analyze and present with the facts about the digital information and data. This science can also be used for workplace investigation Toronto and all over Canada as well. There are numerous agencies in and around Toronto that deal with the specific business of workplace investigation. The science of computer Forensics can be used for workplace investigation Toronto as computers have now taken over each and every field of work. Computers are used everywhere efficiently and effectively, thus carrying out investigations related to workplace dilemmas like harassment at work, fraud, corruption etc can be efficiently carried out by analyzing and identifying the data already present in the systems.

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Computer forensics’s history goes back in the late 1980’s when several serious computer crimes were recorded at the workplaces. This made the computer professionals invent the concept of computer forensics. It deals with the judicial evidences hidden on the computers and digital data storage devices. The main motto of computer forensics is to examine the digital devices and find out the culprit who has corrupted the work environment. The evidence recovery process includes the inspection of hard drives, floppy discs and other electronic devices using methods which will present the data in the court.


A coin has two sides. The advancement in technology has resulted both as a boon and a technical evil in terms of Cyber terrorism. The world itself gives an eerie feeling that your privacy is being invaded by hackers that are sitting next to you or miles away. You might have seen the cases of workplace Cyber crimes which deal with computerized harassment of employees or a spy which hacks all the information of the company. Such cases are recorded as Cyber frauds and a forensic team is called to mitigate the problem. Process of evidence recovery is represented by physical items which include computer chips, boards, CPU, storage unit, monitors and printers. The expert technician logs in into the email server, and requests for the data encryption password. He examines the stored information and disposes the required data for the judicial customs.

evidence recovery


The forensic analysis team genuinely focuses on the identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing and presenting the data. These processes becomes easier as many hackers or a spy fail to delete the files that he has stored in the computer. This fallacy of the cyber criminals benefits the cyber professionals. The deleted file is not actually deleted, it just gets removed from the user’s access and goes into the storage file device, which can be easily retrieved by the forensic team.

Investigation of data is quite a tricky process and it takes a subsequent time for dis-tangling the matter. The expert professionals from forensics untie these complications and the systems related to it which proves a great help in uncovering the truth.


Uncovering the data from highly technical gadgets is the work of digital forensics which is yet another branch of the primary operation. Through these methods the evidence recovery is made related to computer and digital applications. There are several applications and the most common of them is to reboot a theory before the culprit and the court. The private sector during its internal workplace investigations make use of these method, to send the culprit behind bars. There are specialist investigators who are appointed to recover the data from unauthorized and unaccessible gadgets and networks.

The cyber crime rates have transformed themselves from physical to virtual dimension. Its as if they are working parallel with the workforce which has also transformed itself from manufacturing goods to prescribing procedures. The easy access to work profiles and social media has given a green signal to the hackers to perform their activities at an ease. However, the evil doers don’t last for long as the cyber experts take over and bury their evil intentions.


The medium of forensic science is useful as the DNA technology. There was a potential effect on certain type of workplace investigation and judicial custodies of DNA testing. Similarly, the forensic science department deals with the same crimes but on more digitalized aspect.


To sum up the functions of the process of evidence recovery we can duly put down the following points:

  • Exploration of unrecoverable and deleted files
  • Find the swap files
  • Discover the unallocated space and file slack for hidden data
  • To find the location of the received and sent email and document it.
  • Extraction of emails and its conversations, recognize the email address and URL of website.