How To Recover Digital Evidence?

In any investigation, one should never expect to find all the user related information in the default folder or location. You need to search the entire hard disk to locate all the log and history files. While conducting a proper workplace investigation, always remember to analyze each and every application available on the device.


Customize your Network Security For Zero Cyber Attacks n + n +

Threat to Computers

Computers are meant to secure information and not leak. In the modern-era,  heinous cyber hackers and terrorists have turned this tool of information into a  terror tool. There is a dire need for security assessment from professional experts. They will search for the protocol, host, user amenities and computer system with their network analyzers. The forensic experts also bear a team of password encryption experts, who test the network security system. They seek out the Evidence Recovery from mobiles and disk encryption. Tools for personal identifiable information are used for the Evidence Recovery process, through which the investigator will look for the secured files on shared networks and laptops without encryption.

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